Saturday, October 11, 2003

Oktoberfest 2003

Well, Oktoberfest is over, and I think I have finally caught up on my sleep. I don't know what's worse: working all weekend, or just getting a day off on weekends.

We sure missed Gary. I drafted Rodney to take over his supervisor shifts, but we all still had to work from 10 am to midnight on Saturday night.

This year, I vowed that I would not serve one customer, what with the severity of the DWI and liability laws, but on a couple of shifts, we didn't have enough people show up. Plus, we had a hell of a time keeping the volunteers from serving more than two beers per customer. I had to tell one guy five freaking times!

I tried working on Chasing the Sun, but it has been raining all day. I can't seem to draw when the sky is gray and dreary. It only seems to work when it's a nice day outside. I'll try to work on it tomorrow.

Nick Benneck, one of the Oktoberfest beer supervisors. He and Gary compared motorcycle stories.

I am a degenerate. She was hot. My camera had a zoom lens. Voila!

Larry Garner and "Spriggles" Enderlin enjoy Sunday afternoon. It's

almost over!

Spriggles thought he would send Gary a message!