Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well another New Year has arrived, and suddenly we're all back at work like Christmas never happened. At Gästehaus Schmidt the phones have slowed down, and we often find ourselves staring at each other. Although, the boss wants to upgrade the online reservations software, which means yet another upgrade to the web server.

Dad's back on the route, with an extra kid, and mom is still slaving away at the hospital.

Rodney and Jeanne report that the foster kids who were at the reunion got new parents and have been adopted. Relieved that that is over, they will not be taking any more foster kids, and will instead be trying to get Katie out of high school so they can have the house to themselves, since Brandon is at Texas Tech now.

Sean and Joanne stop by every few weeks to let us play with the boys. Aidan is walking now, and has the biggest dimples. Sean said he didn't know where the dimples came from, so we showed him a picture of Aunt Audrey. "That's where they're from!" he exclaimed.

We all hope everyone had a great new year and we hope to see you all soon.