Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Time to Decide!

Gary and I need a final head count for the reunion. We are putting together a shopping list for food and need to know who will be there on what day. The deadline for the final head count is July 15. If we don't hear from you by then, we assume you aren't coming because you hate all of us.

There is nothing organized for Thursday, except visiting. Gary and I will be spending the day cooking. There will be some folks there and we'll have a meal on Thursday night.

Friday is when we expect most folks to arrive and is another day of visiting. Lunch is on your own, so that ex-pats can hit the Whataburger in Brownwood.

Saturday is the big day with a barbecue lunch around 1ish. I am hoping to have a photographer present to record the momentous occassion. Saturday dinner is leftovers.

Breakfast will be provided Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

And if you have any food issues, let us know: allergies, can't stand, picky eaters, etc. We already know Sam can't eat onions, Leslie dislikes avocado, Rodney's not a fan of celery, Sean doesn't like coconut, Bob won't eat okra and I can't abide tomatoes in the larval stage.

Friday, May 02, 2008

It Never Fails

At 2:20 I decided to spend some quality time in the bathroom.

The phone started ringing, the doorbell started ringing. It was like Grand Central Station while I was in the bathroom.

Turns out, Shelby stopped by today, and he was the doorbell culprit. He and a buddy rode their bikes down from New Mexico to Brownwood, where his buddy has a cabin, and they've been riding the Texas back roads for the last couple of days. They were about to leave when I got to the door. We visited for a few minutes until I told Shelby his favorite potato pancake restaurant was about to close. They roared off towards town.

Since I've been off the toilet? Not a damn thing.