Sunday, November 30, 2003

Thanksgiving with the Turners

Yesterday, we went to Voss and visited the Turners in their house. Sam and Mary Jo and Darrell and Leslie were there, with all five kids.

I have to go on record and say that the new house is very nice. Compared to their old house, which was 800 square feet, Darrell said, this is a monster.

Sam, Darrell, Rodney and I went for a short walk across the back of the property, reminiscing about all the fun the five of us (including Gary) had. As we neared the fenceline, in a pile of wood, Darrell, a trained law enforcement officer, discovered a little plastic leg.

He quickly went into investigative mode, strung up some yellow tape, and found more plastic body parts. We collected the peices together and were shocked to learn the fate of Darrell's Six Million Dollar Man action figure. On his chest were three or four .22 caliber bullet holes in what Darrell called a very tight pattern. After he was shot, he had been dismembered in a hideous fashion. The body parts were stashed where someone else had stashed the head of a Depression-era doll, complete with painted face. Darrell concluded that the culprit was either him, Sam, or Gary. Investigations are still pending.

Sam and Grant, and Darrell and Cassidy. When's lunch?

Katie's shoulder, Bailey, Garrett, and Amanda

Friday, November 28, 2003

The Problem with the Left and with the Right

Why does the Left act so much like the Right when it comes to smoking (and alcohol ads, and fast food, and Christmas decorations)?

A recent article in the New York Post reported that the city's health department searched Players Club and found, in the manager's office, three stacked, clean ashtrays. That's it. No cigar or cigarette butts. No matches. No lighters. And no ashes, either.

The club removed all the ashtrays when New York passed its smoking ban in public places. The health department had received a tip that "smoking was occurring in that office." The club now faces a fine from $200 to $2000 as a result of these clean ashtrays simply being on the property. In New York City, ashtrays are like WMDs (see below).

In a related story, Rich Lowry, a conservative columnist, defended beer ads in his latest column. The Center for Science in the Public Interest (Who have also gone after Chinese food, movie theater popcorn, and ice cream. They also created the scale where food is rated on artery clogging fat in Big Mac units.) is backing a sports advertising ban because beer ads are aimed a college students, causing them to binge drink. They reached this conclusion despite the results of a study that said college students rank their parents' and friends' influence over TV ads, and that Neilsen rating data indicates that 87% of college sports veiwers are over the age of 21.

They have also sued the Smithsonian Institute to have Bud Light logos removed from a famous aerobatic plane (hanging in the museum) that was actually sponsered by Anheuser-Busch! Apparently, every kid who sees that plane will then rush out to buy a case of Bud Light.

They are also behind KFC's recent actions in pulling their most recent ads for their chicken, suggesting that eating their chicken, as part of a balanced diet, was nutritious. (Admittedly, when I saw those ads, I wondered if KFC was pulling my leg.) Their hook? Listing the carbs in KFC chicken. Apparently, only beer companies can compete in the carb category; fast food places can't. But I would be willing to bet that eating at KFC is better for you than eating at McDonald's, Burger King, or Wendy's.

The Right, meanwhile, is doing everything it can to stop gay marriages. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN) has introduced the Federal Marriage Amendment which would define marriage as something that only a man and woman can do, and eliminate "domestic partner" benefits, like insurance.

The Massachusetts Supreme Court recently ruled: "The Massachusetts Constitution affirms the dignity and equality of all individuals. It forbids the creation of second-class citizens." Unsurprisingly, the Right is having apoplexy.

The Left cannot understand why they Right is thinking about boycotting Massachussets, the same way the Left boycotted Arizona for not creating a holiday for Martin Luther King, Jr., and Colorado for not recognizing Gay marriages.

Apparently, only the Left can boycott states.

In the Early 90s, Rush Limbaugh did some ads for Florida Orange juice. The Left went into full body spasms of rage, and mounted a protest that eventually resulted in Rush being fired from the ad campaign. In the early days of the Iraq war, Danny Glover was doing ads for MCI's Neighborhood. When his views opposing the war were made public, the Right deluged MCI with their righteous indignation, and Glover was replaced. Some Leftist pundit mourned, "So much for Freedom of Speech."

Apparently, only the Left can shill someone's products without their political opinions being a factor.

My conclusion, the Left and the Right are equally intolerant. They both seem the be afraid that someone, somewhere, might be having fun, and it must be stopped. H. L. Mencken called that Puritanism.

Welcome to the new Puritan Age!

Friday, November 14, 2003

Steve's Response

I tweaked the site a bit. I looked at it in Netscape, and the outer frames had overlapped the center frame, rendering it unreadable. I found a template that I could adapt that worked in Netscape. I asked Steve to check out the site, and he disagreed with my view of the conflict in Iraq. He wrote a great letter that I am reposting here, with his permission. I have edited it a bit, again with Steve's permission. disrespect, Everyone has the right to their opinion and here is mine.

I completely disagree on Iraq. I guess the world was going to wait until Saddam got Nukes or until it was too late. Of course the rebuilding isn't going well, but [he] had to go, by any means necessary. I won't see it otherwise and yes I will go over there, say the word, when do I leave? Live in fear or take out an asshole?

Yeah, Yeah, we created him, we funded him in the Afghan war blah, blah....but are we going to do something about it or let him torture people/genocide and pretend it wasn't going on?

I look at it like we are cleaning up our own mess. I wanted to have a party when I heard about Usay and Uday, [the] assholes got what they deserved!

My company's travel agent has a husband over there, in the same hotel that was recently bombed. He is a General and I told her this, (she is against the war too): "Ok, you don't have to agree, but what is the best thing now? 'Ooops sorry we made a mistake, bye' or exactly what Dubya said, 'WE ARE NOT LEAVING!'

I would much rather have a President make a decision and stick with it than change his mind like he did ugly . . .interns. I voted for him and I agree.

Fuck Al Gore, I worked on the last Clinton/Gore Whore campaign and was not a Republican until after I saw how the Democrats run things. I base my opinion on experience with liberal politicians (Carville, Steponafugus, Morris etc. yup I met and spoke to all of them) and the fact that this is STILL the most efficient war campaign in modern history.

Oh yeah one more thing, FUCK FRANCE! Worthless, cowards, almost German speaking bastards! --

Like Steve, I voted for Bush. (Actually I voted against Tipper Gore, who started the whole censorship thing on records.) Steve said we could argue the case all month and our boys won't come home. He's right, of course.

Yeah, we'll disagree on Iraq. But that's cool. If everyone thought the same way, we'd be living in the Middle East and enlisting in Al Qaeda.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

The War in Iraq is Wrong

Before you read any further, I want you all to know that I am down with supporting the troops. 'Kay? But I disagree that going into Iraq was the right thing to do.

A perfect example of why it was wrong occured on Wednesday in Goose Creek, South Carolina. The Pricipal of Stratford High school, George McCrackin, called in a police raid on Friday because of continual problems. On Wednesday November 7, members of the Goose Creek Police entered the schoool and held students at gunpoint while they checked for drugs.

They found nothing.

The ACLU is furious, and is threatening to sue.

Principal McCrackin did exactly what Dubya did in Irag: He had reports of illegal activity. He sent on armed forces. He found nothing.

McCrackin needs to study President Bush's actions after the Iraq war ended and learn the proper way to handle the press.

In related news, FBI agents successfully used the Patriot Act to close a strip club. No terrorists were suspected, just naked breasts. Welcome to Ashcroft's America.

Also, US occupying forces in Iraq have set a deadline for the provisional government to come up with a constitution. I respectfully submit that we send them our constitution. We aren't using it anymore.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Bible Study

I took this picture while Dad was reading the bible before going to bed. I used a lot of zoom, a tripod and the night setting on my digicam.

Monday, November 03, 2003

(3) I have compiled the first five chapters of my comic "Chasing the Sun" into an Adobe Acrobat file for those folks who would like an ebook version of my online comic. I am selling it for $9.95, including shipping. If you, for whatever reason, would like a copy, I will send it to you on a CD-Rom, if you click on this link. Christmas is coming!

I saw Becky Sloan (nee Holt) today. She had been at one of the B&Bs Gästehaus Schmidt represents. When she came in I knew she looked familiar, but when she asked if I was Jeff Holt I got scared. The bill collectors had found me! Then she told me who she was and it was like a light switch being turned on in my head! The Sloan family had a long weekend and took a trip to Fredericksburg, and were on their way back home, via Pedernales Falls State Park.

She had me go out to their car and say hello to Jon, her husband, and her two kids. Great family. We should see them more often!